Friendly Toys Little Playzone Extension Kit, Double – Questions & Answers

Friendly Toys Little Playzone Extension Kit, Double

Friendly Toys Little Playzone Extension Kit, Double features

  • 29 square feet of total playspace
  • Expands up to 58sq ft (sold separately)
  • Yellow corner included
  • Extra connectors and walls sold separately

Add an additional 29 square feet (up to 58sq ft) to your Friendly Toys Little Playzone providing your little one with lots of space to play. The Playzone Double Extension Kit is a must have addition. Non-toxic and BPA-free.

Q:Does anyone know the pen dimensions with these 2 extensions added?


91inches long X 41inches wide when in rectangle shape.
It’s a lot of room for 1 1/2 year and younger. It couldn’t contain my son when he hit around two years old though.

Q:Does this extension kit fit on the Baby Kids Playpen 8 Panel Play Center Safety Yard Pen?? Jbw-8 Model ???


No. It doesn’t. It’s made to only fit the Friendly Toys Little Playzone w/ Electronic Sound and Lights, 8 piece. I originally bought the jbw-8 model and returned it. Missing parts. So we ordered the friendly toys model with the two panel extension kit. Very happy with the little playzone model.

Q:Does this work well for twins?


It’s pretty small with the one set but extensions are available I bought one set of extensions you made two sets

Q:Would this extension kit fit new baby kids safety playpen 8 panel play center?


It worked for me. The yellow pieces just slide into holes on the blue panels

Q:Is it better to buy two play zones or one play zoned and 2 extensions?


I bought one play zone and than the extensions. I has worked great for us.