North States Industries Superyard Play Yard, Colorplay, 6 Panel – Questions & Answers

North States Industries Superyard Play Yard, Colorplay, 6 Panel

North States Industries Superyard Play Yard, Colorplay, 6 Panel features

  • High-quality, six-panel brightly colored play yard encloses up to 18.5 sqare feet
  • Free-standing play yard is 26 inches high
  • Non-slip pads work on any surface and will not scratch hardwood floors
  • Two-panel extension increases the play area up to 34.4 square feet (available separately)
  • Proudly made in the U.S.A. product and is weather resistant for safe outdoor fun and easy cleaning

North States Industries Superyard Play Yard, Colorplay, 6 Panel
The safe, high quality six panel Superyard Colorplay encloses up to 18.5 square feet and is 26″ (66 cm) high. Opens easily for access to child. It is non slip, works on any surface and will not scratch. Two panel Extension increases the play area up to 34.4 square feet. Available separately. Eight panel maximum. Weather resistant for safe outdoor fun and easy cleaning.

Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, the North States Superyard XT is an excellent solution for creating a safe enclosed area for kids and pets anywhere from the backyard to the play room. Made of durable, weather-resistant plastic, the portable play yard provides 18.5 square feet of protected play space, and it can be reconfigured into different shapes to fit a variety of spaces. For added convenience, the play yard sets up and breaks down in a matter of seconds.

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Superyard XT

At a Glance:




  • Ages: 6-24 months.
  • Requires: No tools required.
  • Warranty: To ensure 100% satisfaction with your purchase, all North States products come with a one year warranty against manufacturer’s defect.

Ideal for:

  • Who: Parents, grandparents, and babysitters.
  • What: Providing a gated play yard for small pets and children 6-24 months.
  • Where: Indoors or outdoors.
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A Safe and Portable Indoor-Outdoor Play Yard
For busy parents and dog-owners wishing to contain their children or pets in a safe, sturdy play area while they attend to tasks, the Superyard XT is the answer. Made of durable reinforced plastic, this gate weathers both outdoor elements and the wear-and-tear of play time, so you can look forward to years of use.

Do you want to keep your dog nearby while you spend a few hours in the garden? Or finish chores in the house while keeping the little ones safe and entertained? The Superyard XT makes it all possible. Weighing less than 20 pounds, this lightweight gate folds flat and even comes with a carrying strap, making it easy to carry everywhere from the park to the babysitter’s.

Easy to Assemble and Adjust
Setting up the Superyard XT is hassle-free. The six interlocking panels are pre-connected–simply pull the panels out of box, unfold and connect them together, and the Superyard XT is ready for use. To put away, simply disconnect one panel, fold together, and store. The Superyard XT is so easy you can set it up and take it down in under a minute. The hassle-free panels also give you quick and convenient access to your child or pet.

Measuring 26 inches high with a diameter of 18.5 square feet, this size-adjustable play yard provides an ample play area. If you’d like to extend the Superyard XT’s overall diameter, consider purchasing a two-panel extension kit (sold separately) which increases the play yard’s space from 18.5 to a generous 34 square feet.

Versatile Design Offers Many Uses
With its sturdy, flexible construction, the Superyard XT has many convenient uses. For example, you can use it as an enclosure to keep cruising babies or pets away from potentially unsafe settings, such as Christmas tree displays, office areas, storage areas, and more. And if you have a new puppy or kitten, you might also considering using the play yard as an area for house training or a timeout area for a naughty puppy.

To ensure 100% satisfaction with your purchase, all North States products come with a one year warranty against manufacturer’s defect.

About North States
Located in Blaine, Minnesota, North States Industries offers versatile and economical gates and enclosures in the juvenile and pet categories. All of the company’s products are certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association for safety, and are engineered to provide the highest quality, durability and ease of use.

What’s in the Box
North States Superyard XT with six interlocking panels (each panel measuring 26 inches by 30 inches), a carry-strap, and instructions for use.


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The versatile Superyard XT can be configured in a variety of ways to fit your needs.

North States Industries Superyard Play Yard, Colorplay, 6 Panel



Q:How many feet in diameter is the 6 panel play yard?


I can’t tell for sure, but I have my 8-panel setup to an hexagon and it fits into 36 SqFt with some room to spare. I estimate the diameter is close to 5 feet. Hope this helps!

Q:I have the 8 panel but I want to add a 6 panel to it. Is this doable?


if it from the same manufacturer I don’t see why not. you have 2 open ends …. let’s say one end is #1 and the other is #2 … when you add an additional gate it would also have 2 open ends … it seems quite feasible. See if any stores sell this product so you can look @it in person or have the sales people try it out and get back to you. Sorry, I don’t have an definite answer but sure does seem plausible.

Q:instead of closing the final panels to create a hexagon, could it be positioning in the corner of a room (and somehow attaching it to the wall?)


Yes. There is a wide range of angle to make any shape. I have mine setup in our family room as a blocker to the TV and fire place. It’s setup as free standing, in a wide M shape if you can picture that. I believe the company does make wall attachments too – do a quick search for that. But you can pivot the panels in any direction and make a rectangle or wider half wall as a room divider. Great stuff. Also – don’t apply the anti-skids until you figure out how the panels connect. There’s a trick to enclosing them all.

Q:where is the door


It can be opened by disconnecting 1 side of any panel.

Q:I would like a six panel for inside and a 8 panel for outside do I have to order eight panel and can two panels be removed if needed


Yes panels can be removed. I think the actual ordering for this you have to order the 6 panels, and then the other 2 panels are an extension pack. Though I actually got through Babies R Us, so ordering may have been different.

Q:Hello, we would like to use it in our living room. Does it mount to the wall? How can I make sure my son can’t bypass this gate?


The panels connect to each other so there isn’t a wall connection attached. For our small dogs, instead of connecting them all together as pictured, we used velcro to attach the end panels to the wall. This would not be strong enough for an active child but maybe a bracket could be used instead.

Q:it says color play but the ones in the photo are ivory???


Hi, I never saw “ivory” ones. I ordered this and got the colored one as shown in the photo. It is quite durable and looks great :)

Q:when I plcae my order, the one in the cart is colored, i want the ivory color. What color did you get in your order?


We wanted the multi colored panels and that’s what we got.

Q:If a panel breaks and needs to be replaced, is the old panel recyclable?


I would assume so, it’s colored plastic.


Q:Can this be used to block staircases?


I wouldn’t think so b/c there is no way to secure it.

Q:Can it be taken apart? For example, I’d like to use 3 of the pieces around our fireplace and 3 of the pieces around our wine rack?


Yes. We do that as well.

Q:Can anyone recommend a good play mat that will fit underneath? Specifically for a baby close to crawling.


I forgot the name but I ordered them on here. They are foam interlocking squares with dinosaurs. We needed 2 sets to fill the play yard.

Q:How wide is each panel??


We bought the 8 panel and they are each 4 ft and a smidge wide

Q:Is it strong enough to hold up if an infant tried to stand and pulled up on a panel?


Absolutely. That is all our 11-month-old does; up and down, up and down. It’s great for cruising.

Q:can this be used open like to block off a room or large area from dogs? I know it wont fix to a wall but can it lean and stay put once open straight


well, using it open may not work great as it can easily be moved by a mere push or pull. I do use it open sometimes too now that my 1 year old has started walking a lot to block certain areas we don’t want him to walk up to…it works but not so great…

Q:If I buy 3 pairs of the extensions I can make a playard? or I need something else? I need to mail it to outside the US and I need in separate parts


You should be fine doing it that way. Extensions can just be added in. This item is very simple to add or remove gates.

Q:Can I buy it in separated parts? I need to mail it to me outside the US and my mail company won’t bring it if it is more than 4 kg.


No, it is sold together, but you could separate the joints and package pieces yourself.

Q:does it work on wood floors


Just like anything else on a wood floor it will slide. Maybe a large throw rug underneath? This gate is amazing

Q:is it easy to open the panel and go in? I am wondering whether to buy this one or the one that comes with a gate (north states superyard colorplay ultimate)?


The one that I purchased (it has been a few years, though) isn’t easily opened and closed. I would maybe recommend one with the gate!



North States Industries Superyard Play Yard, Colorplay, 6 Panel