Buying Baby Gates for Stairs: Making an Informed Decision

Most homes have stairs whether it is a home with more than one floor, basement stairs or entryway stairs. If there is also a baby or a toddler living in the home, buying baby gates for stairs will become a priority for most parents. Let us review some of the more popular baby gates for stairs and some of the pros and cons of each model. These gates, while primarily listed for use at the top of the stairs, also make ideal baby gates for bottom of stairs.

Regalo Top of Stair Gate, White

Regalo Top of Stair Gate, White

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This baby gate is one of the  baby gates for top of stairs. It includes the following features:

1. It will fit openings as small as 26 inches or up to 42 inches wide

2. It measures 30.5 inches tall

3. Includes an adapter kit

4. PVC free

5. Meets all of the current safety standards

6. Squeeze latch is simple and makes accessibility easy

7. JPMA certified

8. Weighs 11 pounds

Regalo Top of Stair Gate, White

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Here are the pros of Regalo Top of Stair Gate, White:

1. Works well for families looking for baby gates for stairs with banisters

2. Easy to install

3. Very solid

4. Does not require power tools to install and will not need to drill any holes in the wall or banister

A parent shares the following review,

“We have banister on two sides in our house and this gate worked perfect for not having to drill holes in the nice railing.”


1. Difficult to open and close

2. Difficult to install if the railing is too thin

3. Noisy

4. No lock on the latch

Following is a rather negative review from an unhappy parent who bought Regalo Top of Stair Gate, White,

“This gate cannot be closed with one hand and is not that easy to open either. It is also very loud when opening and closing–lots of clanking and banging. Wish there was something better out there but this was really all I could find when it came to top-of-the-stairs gates.”

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Safeway Safety Gate

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Safeway Safety Gate is Specifically designed to be used at the top of the stairs. This gate is easy one hand operational. This gate is a quick release hardware type when not needed. Also its adjustable width from 27 inches to 43.5 inches wide and 30.5 inches tall. Its very lightweight metal( only two pounds)

Here are some pros of Safeway Safety Gate:

1. Very easy to open and close with one hand

2. Vertical rails deter climbing

3. Easy to install

A parent says following about Safeway Safety Gate,

“I have wanted a gate that is made specifically without the lower base bar to avoid having anyone trip over it and fall down the stairs. There really are not many choices.
This particular gate is sturdy and simple to use. It might not be the best-looking gate, but it offers a nice sturdy metal construction that cannot be beat. No matter how much my son stands on it or grabs at it, it just keeps holding up.
The best part is that this one is easy to install. There is no drilling required when installing onto a wood surface. I used the wood screws that were included in the package and it was perfect. I spent about an hour installing this gate.
This gate gives me peace of mind when my son is running around upstairs and that alone is priceless.”

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Here are the cons:

1. Unclear installation directions

2. Cheaply made hardware

3. Too many plastic parts

One unhappy parent comments about  Safeway Safety Gate as following,

“If you follow the directions, you will find that the wall mounts are about a quarter inch out of place and that if you lift the gate at the right angle it will pop out of place. Rather than using the outlines that come with the directions it is far better to mount the hinge part of the gate first based on your own measurements. Then find out where the gate will rest when shut mark from there mare the screw holes needed for the locking mounts.
Additional notes: the locking mechanism on this gate is woefully inadequate and cumbersome. It is not easy to open or shut with a baby in hand or a load of laundry.
Once I finally got the mounts in place and resigned myself to the locking inadequacies, it does actually do its job so there is that.”

Safeway Safety Gate

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Regalo Extra Tall Top of Stair Gate, White 

Regalo Extra Tall Top of Stair Gate, White

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This extra tall gate measures 35 inches high and offers the following features:

Expandable from 32 to 53 inches wide

Easily accessible with a simple squeeze latch

PVC free, meets all current safety standards

JPMA certified

Lightweight 13 pounds

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Pros Regalo Extra Tall Top of Stair Gate, White:

1. Solid

2. Includes all hardware for installation

3. Too high for children to climb over

4. Very sturdy

A good review from a parent about Regalo Extra Tall Top of Stair Gate, White

“I feel very secure with this gate. My 15-month-old pulls on it with all his might as well as climbs on it and it does not budge. Perfect and it comes with the banister mounting equipment. We got a different brand for the bottom of the stairs and it does not hold a candle to this one. It does take a small amount of effort to line up the “pegs” that go into the holes on the top and bottom when you latch the gate, but I for one can deal with it. Most of the time I have already set the baby down when I close the gate, so I have two hands and it is no big deal. It is extremely easy to open one-handed—just a pinch and a slight lift to get the pegs out of the holes. Very pleased”

Regalo Extra Tall Top of Stair Gate, White

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1. Needs to be installed into a wall stud

2. Difficult to open with one hand while holding a child

Following is comment from a parent who is not satisfied with Regalo Extra Tall Top of Stair Gate, White,

“Assembly was okay but the attachments and mounts that hold the gate in place are not sturdy. The piece that attaches to the wall is fine but the piece that wraps around the banister is not secure. The frame is held on the banister with a Velcro type latch. My 15-month-old likes to take things apart and he managed to take off the latch. I would not recommend this gate for children that like to explore and get into things. If they are not crawling or walking yet, it is fine but then that rather defeats the purpose.”


Like any other safety product, you will want to do your research when buying baby gates for stairs. We hope these little reviews have been a help for you to decide. There are both pros and cons to each one of these products that should be considered when your child’s safety is at stake. These gates should not take the place of parental supervision around stairs.



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