KidCo Hearth Gate – Reviews, Questions & Answers

KidCo Hearth Gate

KidCo Hearth Gate features

  • For fireplaces and irregular shaped areas
  • Hardware mounted
  • Made of strong tubular metal
  • Attractive plastic, non-toxic finish
  • Includes a single one-hand open gate that swings in both directions

Protect little ones from the heat and flames of fireplaces, wood burning stoves and barbecues with the multi-sectional Hearthgate system. Five interlocking 24″ sections can be angled or set in a straight line as needed to fit the layout of your home. The Hearthgate is wall mountable and made of strong tubular steel that is protected with a nontoxic coating. Base set fits a 6′ hearth. Made in USA. 29-1/2Hx1Wx120L”.

Q:I also wonder if this gate can work unmounted – I need something around the fire but can’t attach it to the walls.


This will need to anchor on two sides to either walls or a piece of furniture. We mounted one side to the back wall and one side to our entertainment center.

Q:how wide is the door?


about 2ft. Really just wide enough to put some firewood in. narrower than a regular gate door.

Q:What is the distance between the vertical bars?


Roughly 2 inches IIRC.

Q:How hot do the gates get. Have fireplace insert and would want to place gate on hearth, about 15″ from insert?


Ours is about 12in and depending on how hot you get the insert or how long it has been going they can get pretty hot to the touch. Never burned but thought it was pretty hot for a kid gate. Our hearth is brick and we have the gate around that. The part that gets hot is the part closest to the blower on the insert. It is the door section of the gate that gets hot and just the top part. Have had no other issues with any other part getting hot. Over all its a good protection/deterant to stay away from the woodstove. It is a good gate and I haven’t found anything better to replace it.