Richell 150-Design One-Touch Pet Gate – Questions & Answers

Richell 150-Design One-Touch Pet Gate


Richell 150-Design One-Touch Pet Gate features

  • Fits openings of 36-inch, 48-inch or 60-inch wide
  • Tension-mount design keeps gate permanently in place
  • Gate door opens in both directions to allow ease of movement

Like the regular One-Touch, the 150′s -inchtension-mount-inch design allows you to attach it to a doorway/hallway opening to keep your pet confined to their own -inchspecial-inch area. The gate door allows you to move freely from room to room. The -inchone-touch-inch handle design provides the option of opening/closing the gate with one hand. Its beautiful hardwood construction complements Richell’s other fine wood pet products. Gate width has three configurations: 36-inch wide, 48-inch wide or 60-inch wide.

Q:our deck opening is 45″ wide, could we make this work or does it have to be exactly 48″


It’s really easy to modify the gate. It does require a hacksaw. There will be no sign of the modification after completed.

Q:I need to keep a small dog behind this without his head getting stuck. How wide is the bar spacing? Does the door move when pushed at the bottom?


The spacing between the bars is approximately 2 to 3 inches. The door does not move at all. Once locked from the top, it is solidly secured and does note move. Excellent product.

Q:Will a 7 year old be able to open this gate without much trouble?


Yes, after showing him/her one time, they should be able to open it easily.

Q:How tall is the gate?


It’s about 34 inches tall



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