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Richell One Touch Gate, Origami White – Questions & Answers

Richell One Touch Gate, Origami White


Richell One Touch Gate, Origami White features

  • Adjustable pet gate with security latch for safely confining pets
  • Made of polished wood and metal; simple pressure-mounted installation
  • Lock button and door stopper hold door firmly in place
  • Door easily locks/unlocks with 1 hand; rubber stoppers prevent scratches
  • Measures 2 by 28.3 to 35.8 by 34.6 inches

Wood One-Touch Pet Gate, Origami White. 28.3-35.8-inch by 2-inch by 34.6-inch

Q:Does this incl the two bare option frame as shown on the picture?



Q:can the door be set to stay open for when I’m home and want my dog to move freely about the house?


There’s no open locking latch to keep it open but I leave the door open and it doesn’t swing closed.

Q:Could a cat squeeze through the rails?


Our cats dont/cant. We have one monster that obviously cannot. We have a slender siamese, that certainly does not, not sure if he could, but doubt it. We have a calico that is good average size and I don’t think she could. Cats can go many places if they really want to.

We have had the big cat, somehow jump on top, and then get in. Have never seen him do it, have heard him at night, and it sounds ugly.