North States Industries Supergate Easy Swing and Lock Metal Gate, Matte Bronze Questions & Answers

North States Industries Supergate Easy Swing and Lock Metal Gate, Matte Bronze

North States Industries Supergate Easy Swing and Lock Metal Gate, Matte Bronze features

  • Assembled height: 31″ ; Gate Height: 29″
  • No threshold to step over, will not swing over steps
  • Extra secure hardware mount, perfect for stairs; includes all hardware for mounting as a swing gate
  • Adjusts to fit openings fits openings 28″ 48″ wide.
  • Easily swings to self lock

North States Industries Supergate Easy Swing and Lock Metal Gate, Matte Bronze
The North States Supergate Easy Swing and Lock Metal Gate keeps your child or pet always safe and secure. Easy one hand operation. Gate swings out of way when not in use. Gate fits openings 28″ 48″ wide and is 31″ high. Extra secure hardware mount, perfect for stairs. No threshold to step over, will not swing over steps. Includes all hardware for mounting as a swing gate. Durable metal construction. Color: decorative matte bronze. This North States Supergate Easy Swing and Lock Gate Metal will give you years of durable service.

North States Industries Supergate Easy Swing and Lock Metal Gate, Matte Bronze
Q:Can a cat squeeze through the spacing of the bars, or could this work as a cat barrier?A:

yes a cat could squeeze through the bars..sorry
Q:What is the best way to hang the gate where the top of the stairs has a stair banister on one side and drywall on the other?A:

Get a banister monts.or get heavy duty zip ties for banister side,get a wood bord stain as of your wood and use zip ties though wholes than mount the gate. Get drywall anchers for the other side. All the best.
Q:Is the latch complicated enough that my toddler won’t figure it out?A:

The latch for North States super gate is absolutely complicated enough so your toddler won’t figure it out! You have to pull down the latch lock/catch while lifting the gate up at the same time to swing it open. A toddler will not be able to do this, which after using the gate for a week, I trust the safety and easy use of the gate!
Q:Length of mounting brackets? We have 32 inches of space (molding in the way), the gate is 31 inches tall, how much above the gate do the brackets go?A:

probably not going to work for you. On the “handle” side you would need about 2 1/2 inches above the top of the gate.
Q:Does this gate swing opens both ways or just in one direction?A:

Once installed properly, the gate only swings open one way. It’s designed that way on purpose for safety so it can’t be pushed open over the stairs and your baby goes tumbling down.
Q:Will this gate work being mounted at the bottom of stairs with one side being mounted at a wall and the otherside being mounted at a banister/spindle?A:

Yes. That’s how I have mine downstairs. And then upstairs it’s mounted on the railings.
Q:Is the metal in the gate magnetic? I want to put a magnet on the wall to keep it open when needed.A:

I hadn’t thought of that. It’s a great idea.

I just tested it out, and it is magnetic on the top and bottom rails as well as the bars.
Q:Can this be placed on an uneven wall? The bottom trim is sticking out.A:

That is the same problem that I had. I tried to hang the gate on a wall with baseboard trim that extended out from the wallboard. this created an uneven wall as you describe. There were two problems with this installation. Firstly, the uneven wall as you mention. Secondly, the hinge pulled out of the wallboard despite my having used molly plugs. I think the only way to resolve this issue would be to apply a vertical piece of wood to the wallboard to create an even installation surface from top to bottom. Then install the hinges on a) the vertical wood piece and b) the baseboard.
Q:Does this gate swing 180 degree and stay open if needed, when not in use. Would we have to hold it open with something so that it doesn’t close?A:

We have two of them. They will not stay open on there own. I would suggest buying this one though it has been my favorite out of the 4 we have.
Q:My door is 42″-43″. Does it fit well for my door ?A:

Yes, it will fit. The gate is expanded or contracted by the overlapping of the two sections. There are brackets on the top and bottom that secure the two sections together. It is shortened or lengthened by the exact width of the bars. The perfect fit is achieved by the adjustable screws on each end that attach it to the mounting hardware and the latch. My door is 31″ so the two sections overlap almost completely. For your door, you will have a smaller overlap. Hope this helps.

Q:Could this gate be used for outdoors?A:
We have installed our 2 gates at the entrances to our covered porch. They have been through a very hot summer, wet fall, and now freezing temperatures and are none the worse for wear. They still look and perform great.

Q:Can this gate be installed outdoors on a deck? Is it weather resistant?A:
I believe it had a powder coated finish. However I don’t think you would get more than a couple years service out of it due to it’s light weight…

Q:How wide is the mounting hardware exactly? I need to mount it on one side with a 1″ metal wrought iron stair rail….want this to fit on the railA:
The brackets are 1 inch wide but the screws are centered in that width.

Q:I know it swings in just one direction, away from the stairs. However, can you select what side the latch to open it is on?A:
there is no real latch just a blocker can turn either way or do without it and it can swing both ways you must lift it and push the direction you want to go……. not really good for toddlers but a dream for dogs. my wolves respect it and stay back I did mount it a little higher because no way can mine go under I liked it so well I purchased another one. you can also mount either side….

Q:Is there any way to affix a lock? Want to be sure my 98 yr. old mother cannot figure out how to open it! Want to limit her P.M. wanderingA:
No there’s not bc the piece that attaches to the wall is flat with just a place for the gate to swing into, unless you attach a chain to the wall to hold it shut?

Q:Is there any way to affix a lock? Want to be sure my 98 yr. old mother cannot figure out how to open it! Want to limit her P.M. wanderingA:
don’t think so

Q:Does the gate come with the banister straps in addition to the screw hardware?A:

Q:I have an odd opening at the top of my stairs, the angle of one side is about 120 degrees to the far side. Will this gate work for me?A:
If you are talking about the radius of how far the gate will swing open, then yes. It allows you to let it swing 180 degrees.

Q:Can this swing both ways if you wanted it to? Also, is it JMPA certified? Thank you in advance for your answers.A:

Q:Can this gate be mounted in a door jam with a 1-1/2″ wide molding? Not sure how wide the gate hardware requirements ACTUALLY are ???A:
These gates are actually perfect for that issue. We bought 6 of these for our house and grand parents home. The best part of the gates are that they can be mounted on standard width and extra wide openings by expanding the center mounts. For our larger opening I was concerned about the strength of the gate after expanding to the widest available. It has held up and super safe. The end screws which mount to the wall mounts can also be extended to meet the jams. There are nuts which securely tighten both ends. Give you and idea of the strength, my daughter will stand on the gate while swinging and it does nothing to them. So far best gate I’ve found for the money and a permenant solution for easy open and close.

Q:Does the gate self close and self lock? When you open the gate, does it swing shut and self lock?A:
No it does not auto latch. But a very gentle “push” on it will give it enough energy to latch. It will go back to the close position if you install it so that it natual default position is right by the latch. You can also install it so the natural default is wide open.

Q:Will it work for a larg dogA:
My dogs are both around 35 pounds, but it is a sturdy gate and I would assume that it would work for a larger dog too.

Q:Can the gate be mounted so that it opens either to the left or to the right? I want it to open away from the stairs with the hinges on the left.A:
Yes you can, the stop is mounted under the latch mechanism and it can be positioned to face either direction.

Q:Can a medium sized child (average 10 year old) with weak grip strength open this gate?A:
Yes. It’s more of a thumb operated latch. So if the child can push down with their thumb, it releases the latch and you push or pull to open.

Q:Does this gate just swing or does it swing and slide? Opening is 41 inches but the cabinet it would rest against while open is not that big.A:
Just swing.

Q:Can this gate be easily liffted off its anchors/removed for when you don’t have kids or dogs visiting? Like the larger NorthStar gates?A:

Q:will this gate work on a 45″ opening at the top of the stairs?A:
It says 28-48″ opening. Ours was 36″.
It requires a wall or trim on each side to attach the hardware. Is is a great gate, and I’ve bought a lot the past 40 years. My grand kids and pets cannot open, but I can with my arthritic, neuropathy hands.

Q:Would it work to attach a vertical piece of wood to each banister & attach wood with a mounting kit to prevent drilling into banisters directly?A:

Q:Is this gate hard to install? (How many hours did it take you? We are not especially handy.)A:
Nope, not hard at all. Came with a paper to told on the door facing that you used to mark the facing. Put the brackets there and hung the gate on them. Simple and strong. Love it.

Q:Installation was easy and straightforward, but bottom latch doesn’t properly catch like the top one does. Has anyone had this problem? Any solutions?A:
Must make sure its level…also if u are putting on baseboard put brown washers (purchase separate at hardware store) to bring it out a little…then no problem with catch.

Q:How wide is the step-through opening?A:
It opens all the way so its the width of my stair well.

Q:Is there a way to order replacement parts? I need the top latch which has broken after two months of use.A:
I emailed them directly and gave them this gate info when I needed another wall section and screws for it. Try emailing them directly. It worked for me

Q:can you use banister adapter mountsA:
I don’t know what that is, can you break that down

Q:Is there a way to mount this with a handrail in the way?A:
No..u must be in front , behind or below hand rail

Q:Is this gate strong enough to keep a 125 lb person from braking through it and falling down the stairs.A:
If you made sure it was in studs I’m the wall I think it would be fine. It’s a solid gate if it fits your door opening good and have studs in the right spot for it

Q:What is the height of the mounting bracket? I’ll have to install one of them in a 2.5” space between the baseboard and bottom trim of wainscoting.A:
I have my bottom bracket at 3 inches and the top bracket at 30 inches. I think you could fit yours within the 2.5 inch space you have available. It is a good, solid gate and I like it much better than the other 2 previous gates I tempted to install there.

Q:Can this gate be mounted at a slight angle (ie window across from the wall and the mounting walls wont be directly across from eachother)? The hingle looks like it can easily accomodate an angle (as its 180 degree capable), but thw question is will the…A:

Q:I am attaching between a wall and a 31.5″ banister. Is 31.5″ tall enough to attach the hinge side of the gate?A:
Yes…mine tops out at 29″

Q:is this suitable for outdoors?A:
I have two and they are both installed outside on my deck and seem to do just fine.

Q:Can you buy extra extensions to fit a 78″ wide stair width? I have very large openings at the top and bottom of my dual staircase home.A:
Not sure, as I returned this version but it seemed to only be adjustable to a point

Q:If there is a wooden wall is a wall of iron,that how to install up ?A:
A wooden wall. Very nice door I love them.

Q:My opening is 27 inches. I know it says 28-48 inches, but I wondered if there was any wiggle room, and therefore a chance that this gate could work?A:

Q:Does this gate have a stay/hold open feature? Or will it stay open on its own?A:
There is no stay open feature. It tends to swing partially closed. That said it is a very nice gate easy to open and close. Solid unit.

Q:Is this gate adjustable?A:

Q:Folks. If I mount this at the top of my stairs on the right (wall) side- will it swing open 90 degrees and block my hallway or will it swing open 180A:
It’s capable of swinging 180. Mine only does 90 because of where we mounted it.

Q:Will this work for an opening with an existing swing-in door, as in a laundry room?A:
As long as there was room for the door to close properly and the mounting bracket would fit in the door frame. It is probably 2 – 2.5 inches wide. The gate would probably need to open opposite the door. Good luck!

Q:Anyone able to secure the gate to a banister? How did you do it? Did you use a separate mounting kit? If so, which one?A:
All u need to do is grab a few small thicker washers from hardware store. Put one at each hole when u drill in, that will bring it out from the Banister and make it even. Hope you understand what I mean.

Q:Can this gate be mounted on the trim of a door?A:
yes, we mounted it to the trim of a door into our pantry. We had to modify the guide that came with the gate in order to get it to work, but it was easy to do!

Q:I have an interior door to the basement. Could this gate be installed on the other side of the door?A:
Yes it can go there, do yo have a door frame or are you screwing it to the wall. The door will only open one way. I love it. And it looks good. Get the dark one.

Q:Are the screws that came with it made for drywall? Did you use dry wall anchors?A:
The screws that came with it are made to go into wood work or wood trim. We were able to hit studs and get it secure.

Q:can I use it out door?A:
You can. I have one outside and in.

Q:Is this pressure mounted or do you have to drill holes in the wallA:
It is wall mounted. You’ll need to drill holes in the wall.

Q:does it have a center swing door?A:

Q:Will this gate work outside on a deck, preventing dog and toddler from falling down stairs?A:
Yes, I believe it would work outside, as it’s designed to be installed at the top of a staircase whether inside or out.

Q:Where is this product made?A:
Manufactured in Guang Dong, China

Q:Does it fit with baseboards?A:
You would need to have a shim of equal thickness to the baseboard so the hinges and latches would be equally spaced in mounting. I mounted mine just above the baseboard which places the bottom of the gate at that level. Still very pleased with both of the gates I installed.

Q:The gate is 31″ high, but what is the height for installation of the hardware to hold the gate, it looks an inch or two higher?A:
yes, the mounts on the wall run an inch or so above the gate and below the gate, but if your application is an open hallway, it won’t affect anything

Q:I only have 32 inches high to work with. I know the description says 31 inches high, but does that include the latch?A:

Q:Can this be used outside on a deck? What type of metal is it constructed of?A:
I think it could be used outside on a deck if you don’t live in an extremely hot or cold climate. The latch portion is made of a sturdy plastic. But it might get brittle over time if it’s in extreme hot or extremely cold climates.

Don’t know what type of metal..but it’s holding together great. My pit bull literally chewed thru my last wooden gate…not a scratch on this one.

Q:Can the gate be removed without removing the mounting hardware?A:

Q:I have a chow that destroys every wire gate or wire crate he is put in, Is the metal in this gate strong enough that he can’t destroy it?A:
I would think that the metal on this gate would withstand any dog trying to destroy. It is very solid.

Q:Will the gate fit a opening 5.8 feet?A:
No, max is 48″

Q:Can the gate be adjusted to swing both directions, over the stairway and away?A:
Yes. You might have a handrail to account for. The gate is nice looking, fairly easy to install, but our golden retriever was able to push through it when she wanted to get to the second floor of the house.

Q:My handrail goes to the end of the banister post. I’ll need 4″ between the post & first spindle to work around handrail. Will this gate work?A:
I’m not quite visualizing how the handrail and gate would be oriented. But the gap between the post and first bar is only 3″.

Hopefully that helps.

Q:can I install the gate with metal banister on one side of opening?A:
No, there are brackets on both sides of the gate that have to be screwed into wood.

Q:suitable for outdoor use?A:
I think it would be. Some of the mounting screws could rust if you don’t replace them with stainless. Otherwise it is painted steel and plastic parts that should be ok. Mine is indoors so I can’t say for sure.

Q:Easy to remove? I only need it when grandchildren visit.A:
Since it gets screwed into the wall, this gate is better for a more permanent situation. I suppose it doesn’t take long to unscrew it if that’s something you don’t mind.

Q:Does this get screwed into wall which I don’t want . need tensionA:
Yes, it is screwed into the wall. This will not work as a tension gate.

Q:Would this gate work outside? How long do you think it would survive in rain and sun?A:
I think that it would work fine outside. The only concern might be how the plastic pieces will hold up in the heat. I would personally put it outdoors.

Q:Installing at the top of stairs. Should the hinge be on the wall or banister side? Does it matter?A:
I placed mine on the wall side. Both sides must be flat and parallel for it to operate correctly. There is a stop you install so if this is being used for a child they can’t get the door to swing past the latch and fall. If the latch side isn’t flat you won’t be able to use this properly. I have two and they work very well and look good too. Hope this helps you. One more thing I believe you can find the installation instructions online.

Q:How do you install it?A:
It comes with four ‘brackets’ which you must attach to the doorway with two screws each. One one side the ends of the bars pivot in the brackets to swing open. On the other side the ends of the bars click into the brackets to close. A simple thumb lever on the top bracket releases the gate.

Q:Can this be used outdoors? on a covered porch areaA:
Yeah I don’t see why not, as long as you have some place to properly mount it. The gate is painted metal so it should be okay in the elements, at least for a while.

Q:I live in an old house. The opening is 32.5″ on bottom but 33.5″ on top. Is this hardware adjustable in some way to accommodate my crooked house?A:
It would be hard to adjust the gate itself because it slides and making the bottom wider than the top wouldn’t work.

But you could probably put some kind of shim or anchor board on the opening that would even out the gap and then install the gate.

Q:Does this gate swing both ways?A:
No the main gait only opens one way but you can pick which direction when installing. And the way it mounts you can open for big items from either side of the wall where it attaches. Hope makes sense

Q:can i get it in white?A:
This one does not, but we do have others in white.

Q:has anyone bought this gate for outdoor use? I need a gate for my patio.A:
I use mine at the entrance to my front door, connected to my door frame…I have two granddaughters that are toddlers…this is used to keep them in the house instead of running everywhere while the house enjoys fresh air…it has been installed now going on 3 years…it is the first gate that my 3 yr old can not figure out how to open

Q:does shipping in the states really take as long as they estimate? Ordered today and it says June 12th -June 23. ThxA:
I do not know who you ordered it from, but most of us have to put in an approx date for shipping and also for arrival. Some items take longer but most of our items ship earlier that the estimate. You will probably be surprised when it shows it shipped sooner. But there really is no way for me to know who you bought it from. Good Luck

Q:Could this be attached to a brick wall on one side and a banister on the other?A:
You just need a masonry drill for the brick and it should work , this is a very sturdy gate all metal ,

Q:Is the latch very difficult to open? I want my 3.5 year old to be able to get through on her own.A:
Not difficult but it is on top and a little stiff so a 3.5 year old might have some problems with it.

Q:Can this be used outsideA:
I suppose it could be…but it is metal, and would eventually succumb to the elements.

Q:Can this gate be installed on the wall with 1.5 inches thick baseboard? the hardware can be adjusted to fit that?A:
Yes, but you may have to install a 1 1/2″ thick block at the top of the gate as well to keep it stable.

Q:My husband installed this gate and I had to move some of the braces because they were not properly lined up. Not working well at all. Suggestions?A:
I finally gave up. Not using my gate at all. Maybe someone else can be helpful.

Q:can it be pressure mounted?A:
No. The gate is hardware mounted only.

Q:does this gate close automatically ?A:
No, its just a swinging gate. Has a manual latch system that requires some force on your part to latch closed, and open.

Q:I see that this is adjustable but will it telescope so that it will take up less space when opened?A:
Sorry, no. The adjustment is fixed to fit the opening.

Q:Can this gate be used outdoors ?A:
I would not use this gate outside. the metal is not sturdy enough to handle the elements outside and its not steel which is more resistant to rust. iit might be usable if it’s outside under a canopy or some other overhanging

Q:top latchA:
I’m not sure what you mean by “top latch” since that’s not really a question I can try to answer you the best I can. There is a release button on the top of the gate that you push to operate it but there are latches on both the top and bottom to keep the gate in place once locked.

Q:Can this gate be mounted on an angle?A:
what type of angle? Can you send me a picture?

Q:Any idea as to when this will be back in stock?A:
We have 4 in stock right now. Not sure how long they will last.

Q:can i mount the hinge side on the face of the railing instead of the inside (A:
Not exactly sure what you’re asking, but, yes, you can mount the hinge side on the railing side of your stairs. The latches and hinge are independent of side.

Q:Does this gate only swing one direction? I want to install it on a staircase and do not want to have to squeeze around it when opened. ThanksA:
Yes, we have it on a staircase as well and it opens up one way.

Q:I don’t want a gate up all the time. Will I have to remove all 4 anchor points each time I want to take the gate off the wall?A:
you would have to take the anchors off one side of the wall — so two of the 4 anchor points. The other two could technically stay but they are black and would be noticeable

I am not sure if I understand your question but if you are asking if this item would be suitable as a banister, in my opinion it would not. Extremely well suited as a child or pet gate at a doorway or stairway but not structurally configured to perform as a banister.

Q:Is the hardware included for mounting on metal (wrought iron) stairs? Looks like you need to be able to drill into wood banister/wall for this to workA:
It includes your standard hardware. Screw into wood type hardware. I hope this helps.

Q:Does this gate come in any other colors? White maybe?A:
no bronze only

Q:What are the mounting hardware measurements? We will be attaching this to a bannister and think the railing may prevent proper mounting.A:
Is the bannister curved? So long as it is a flat surface I don’t foresee a problem. The hardware itself was not very wide, 1-2 inches at the most.

Q:What is the width???A:
It is adjustable betwe Dr n 24 and 48 inches. You have two pieces and the overlap tty o make it infinitely adustable within the range. Easy to set up…

Q:Can you affix this to a banister on one side?A:
I bought:No Hole Stairway Baby Gate Mounting Kit By Safety Innovations-which we used to mount this gate to our banister

Q:How far apart are the bars? I have a 15 lb dog and I don’t want him slipping through the spaces.A:
about 3″, and I have a 18lb dog and she doesn’t slip through the spaces. It’s a really good gate.

Q:What is the width between the spindles?A:
my guess would be 2-3 inches.. probably closer to 3

Q:How many inches are the rails spaced apart?A:
just under 3 inches about 2 and 7/8 inches

Q:I’m renting a house for only one week so want to be able to install on quickly and temporarily. Does this have a pressure mounted connection that is easy to install and won’t damage walls?A:
No, you need to screw the mounts in. Depending on your exact needs you might want to consider this gate:

Q:Can I use this outdoors? Like on a deckA:
I use the gate indoors and love it! I think that it is constructed well and will work well on a deck but you might get as many years from due to weather.

Q:can this gate be used outdoors at the top of deck stairs?A:
Yes, provided you have space on the posts to either side to which you can screw the attachments that support the gate.

Q:how big is the box? will 5 of them fit in the trunk of my carA:
Five boxes should fit in a normal size trunk

North States Industries Supergate Easy Swing and Lock Metal Gate, Matte Bronze

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